Our in-store menu


08:00 to 11:45

Served with toast (white, brown, whole wheat or rye), preserves and butter


Kontrei Breakfast          R68

2 eggs, 2 rashers of bacon, pan-fried boerewors, sautéed mushrooms and grilled tomatoes, served with a side of fries


Breakfast Burger           R67

Grilled beef patty layered with an egg, bacon strips and tomato relish, served with a side of fries


Protein Breakfast          R85

2 eggs, bacon and a beef patty served on a grilled mushroom and topped with tomato relish and cheese


Breakfast Tramezzini      R75

Our delicious Kontrei Breakfast tucked into a toasted tramezzini and served with a side of fries


Green Breakfast            R60

2 eggs (prepared to your liking) served on a bed of roasted veggies and topped with basil pesto and roasted almonds


French Toast                R65

Vanilla and cinnamon flavoured French toast, served with bacon, green fig preserve, Greek yoghurt and golden syrup

Three-egg Omelette


- Mince, tomato, onion and cheese                                      R70

- Russian, peppadews, caramelised onion and cheese            R68

- Bacon, sautéed mushrooms, onion, tomato and cheese          R66

- Spinach, feta and mushrooms                                            R64


Breakfast Croissant        R50

Croissant with scrambled eggs, ham, cheese

and rocket


Health Breakfast            R50

Fresh fruit salad with Greek yoghurt, muesli and assorted nuts


Scrambled-egg Breakfast  R38

3 scrambled eggs served with sliced fresh tomatoes on toasted seed loaf


Quick Breakfast             R45

1 egg, 2 rashers of bacon, grilled tomato and a generous portion of fries


Blueberry Flapjacks        R40

Decadent blueberry flapjacks topped with honey, butter and assorted fruits

Add to your breakfast:

Additional boerewors                                R16

Additional bacon                                     R13

Additional egg, mushrooms or cheese          R11


Kontrei Burger               R70

Grilled beef patty or chicken fillet topped with onion and tomato relish,

served on a ciabatta bread roll


Banting Burger              R93

150 g beef patty on a grilled mushroom, topped with onion,

eggplant and roasted veggies

Served with either Camembert or blue cheese


Filled Pancakes              R69

/Tramezzini                  R74

- Bacon and mushroom

- Bacon, green fig preserve and Camembert

- Chicken mayo and feta

- Russian, peppadews and caramelised onion

- Spinach and feta


Quiche                         R58

Served with a side salad or fries

(kindly ask your waitress for the available options)


Toasted Sandwiches        R54

Choice of white, brown, whole wheat or rye bread

- Biltong and cheese

- Ham, gherkins, cheese and mustard

- Beef mince and chutney

- Chicken mayo, pepper dews and avocado (seasonal)


Soup of the day             R43

Delicious homemade soup

Served with bread of your choice

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Served with a side salad or fries

- Spinach and feta                                 R70

- Bacon, mushroom and cheddar cheese   R75


Homemade Pies              R52

A delicious selection of homemade pies served with a side salad or fries


Chicken Schnitzel           R65

Scrumptious crumbed chicken fillet served with a side salad,

roast veggies or fries


Chicken Salad                R65

Grilled chicken strips tossed with avocado, cucumber, salad leaves,

tomatoes, peppadews, onions and gherkins


Luxurious Greek Salad     R45

Traditional Greek salad with homemade feta cheese and olives


Pulled Pork Ciabatta       R85

Slow-roasted pulled pork served on a ciabatta bread roll, complemented

with gherkins, sautéed onions and sweet seeded mustard


Lasagne                        R80

Scrumptious oven baked lasagne served with a side salad or fries

Cold Beverages

Hot Beverages

Americano   R23

Americano Refill   R15

Espresso   R20

Filter coffee  R20

Cappuccino   R26

Cappuccino with cream   R28

Skinny cappuccino   R26

Mega cappuccino   R30

Mega cappuccino with cream   R35

Decaf cappuccino   R25

Cortado   R27

Café mocha   R32

Café latte   R27

Hot chocolate   R35

Milo   R35

Red cappuccino   R29

Red latte   R29

Pukka chai latte   R33

English and rooibos tea   R17

Earl Grey   R20


Add a rusk     R6

Iced tea   R19

Fruit juice   R22

Appletiser/Grapetiser   R25

Sodas   R18



Lime, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana,

red espresso, coffee or bubble gum


Kiddies   R25

Regular   R32


Soda float   R32

Fruit shakes with ice cream   R35

Fruit shakes with yoghurt   R35

Spoil Yourself

Cake                           R35

View the decadent cakes on display or ask your

waitress about the choices available

Lemon meringue             R37

Cheesecake                   R40


Mega scone

- Cheese, jam and whipped cream   R40

- Biltong and cheese                       R45


Delicious croissant       R30

Served with butter and jam


Sweet cinnamon pancakes R24

Two folded pancakes generously topped with cinnamon sugar



With cream or ice cream

- Golden syrup                                             R40

- Banana and caramel sauce                          R42

- Chocolate brownie and nuts                         R45

Sandwich Take-Away


Served on white or broen bread


HAM, CHEESE & TOMATO                           R22

CHEESE                                                      R15

CHICKEN MAYO                                         R24

BACON & EGG                                          R24

SALAMI & CHEESE                                       R22


Enjoy your meal!

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